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At Travel Connections, we have a fervent passion for travel.

We make our living by knowing every step of the process, from planning, to when and where to go. With a combined experience of 40 years, we can give you a first-hand account of destinations around the world, because we’ve been there. The best part is, we are not a voice-recorded response, thousands of miles away. We are your neighbor. We know you and what you value in your travel experience. Along with our expert guidance and support, we work around the clock to find you the best value for your dollar. We find what suits your individual needs, because no two dream vacations are alike. Let us connect you to your destination.

Getting the Best Priced Vacation?

Many people spend countless hours shopping online for travel deals but do you know you got the best price?

With Travel Connections, we always find you the best value for the best price and provide outstanding advice for all your travel needs.

Contact us today for a free quote.

"Two years ago my husband and I were looking to go on our first all-inclusive vacation. Without knowing what to expect or what to look for, we went to talk to Colleen Mitchell. I told her what our interests were in a vacation and she gave us many options and at all different price ranges. Her expertise was very helpful and the service was outstanding. She found the perfect vacation spot for us; we even went back to the same location the very next year. We look forward to booking our next trip soon!"

Jamie & Bill Bromenschenkel

"It is hard to believe but my husband and I have been planning our vacations and travel through Colleen for ten years now. Wow, how time flies! We feel as though we have a best friend with Colleen. What drew us to Colleen was her professionalism, what keeps us coming back is 100% customer satisfaction. When planning a trip with Travel Connections there is never a doubt that we are getting the best possible deal around. Not only do we know that we are getting the best deal but we also know that should any problems arise concerning our trip Colleen is always there ready to go to bat for us and make things right!...Here's to ten years of great service and complete satisfaction!!! You have already taken us so many places and we look forward to many, many more decades of travel with you!"

Randy and Teresa Snodgrass

"Colleen has been our travel agent for over 10 years. We appreciate and value her expertise, dedication, and attentiveness to detail. She takes the time, makes the effort, and uses her professional connections to ensure that each trip we take will be a memorable and enjoyable experience. Colleen is well organized and we are confident that when she quotes us a vacation price, it has been well-researched and the details are accurate and specifically tailored to suit our needs. Colleen is a wonderful travel agent and a true professional!"

Ed & Anne Swingel

"My wife and I recently booked a trip through Travel Connections out of Peru, IL. Our travel agent, Erin Foster, made selecting a resort very easy and convenient. We told her what we were wanting and she responded promptly with several options that looked amazing and that were also in our budget. After selecting what we wanted, she took care of all the details and even got us a direct flight to our destination for less than a connecting flight. We were also upgraded to preferred guests when we got there and had an ocean front room with unbelievable amenities. My wife and I thought the trip was better than our honeymoon, which we booked ourselves.  I know that from this experience, we will never book another trip without the help of Erin and Travel Connections. I highly recommend giving them a call."

Nate & Sarah, Chatham, IL

"When choosing a travel agency I look for knowledge, friendliness and an attitude that would find the best deal for their clients. This and more is what you will find with Colleen and Erin at Travel Connections. They plan your trip as if it were their own. They are ready and willing to answer any questions or concerns you would have with your travel plans. By far, the best travel agency around! Thanks for our many memorable trips"


Maurice & Katherine Stanton

"Winning two tickets with Allegiant Air Lines created such a quandary for me and my husband. Where to go, when to do it and most of all how to set this all up. One day I simply gave up, saw the ad for Travel Connections in Peru, drove over, and walked in the door.  Erin was sitting at the front desk, and was I lucky. Told her what I would like to do - which was take a trip to Arizona and then on to the Grand Canyon. Before I knew it, the reservations were made and we were off to Grand Canyon. Our accommodations were great. Thank you so much for taking care of my husband and myself. We will be back for the next trip..."

Art & Kay Giese

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